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Cedar Miles

Cedar Miles members can earn miles from travel on MEA as well as air partners or for any activity with our non-air partners in several ways. more
  • MEA and SkyTeam flights: when flying on an eligible booking class* of a regular ME or SkyTeam coded and operated flight.
  • Cedar Miles Partners: when flying on an eligible booking class* of a regular Qatar Airways coded and operated flight.
  • Code Share flights operated by non-SkyTeam carrier Air Canada (AC), Etihad Airways (EY), Royal Jordanian (RJ), Tunis Air (TU) and Turkish Airlines (TK) : Only when flying on a regular ME coded flight and in an eligible booking class.

    *Eligible booking classes vary from one carrier to another. Reward tickets as well as certain discounted and group fares are not eligible for miles accrual. To consult the eligible classes per carrier visit the page ‘How to Earn Miles with Airline Partners”
Important: To ensure automatic recording of your miles, you or your travel agent must quote your membership number every time you make a reservation and check-in for your flight. Furthermore, please keep all your original airline tickets and boarding passes in the outside pocket provided with the member guide, until you see them credited on your account.

Qualifying Miles

Qualifying Miles are earned on all MEA and SkyTeam flights, within one calendar year (01 Jan - 31 Dec). more
Qualifying Miles establish your privilege status: Blue, Silver (Elite) or Gold and Platinum (Elite Plus). Using your miles for reward tickets do not decrease your Q-miles count. less

Minimum Miles

Cedar Miles grants you a minimum of 500 Miles on MEA coded flights. more
When sector distance flown is less than 500 miles, multiplied by the accrual percentage of the corresponding booking class.

For example: Even if the distance between Beirut and Cairo is of 351 miles, you will still earn 500 Miles for your departure flight and another 500 Cedar Miles for your return flight. less

Class of Service Bonus

You earn additional Miles depending on your class of travel. On MEA, you receive double the mileage in Cedar Class and 25% additional mileage on full fare Economy (Y,B or M). more

Travelling Class Booking Class Qualifying Miles Earned
Cedar Class J,C,D,I,Z 200%
Full Fare Class Y,B,M 125%
Economy U,K,H,L,Q,T,N,R,V 100%
Class Exclusions A,S,G,E 0%
Award Classes O,W,X 0%

Tier Bonus

Earn Bonus Miles each time you fly with MEA or SkyTeam partners. Platinum members earn 75% Extra Bonus Miles, while Gold members earn 50% and Silver members 25%. more
Tier Bonus is calculated for the actual flown miles. Tier Bonus are not Qualifying miles, they do not count towards your privilege status. less

Welcome Bonus

Travel within six months of joining Cedar Miles, on MEA or MEA code share flights (valid on ME coded flights only) and automatically receive 3,000 welcome bonus miles. Join online, fly MEA & earn an additional 2,000 Miles.


Cedar Miles are valid for 5 years from the accrual date. i.e. miles earned on April 3rd, 2015 will expire on Dec 31, 2020(N+5).
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