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Home > About Us > News & Press Releases > MEA unveils its new Training & Conferences Center

MEA unveils its new Training & Conferences Center

01 Nov 2017

Today, a new chapter is added to Middle East Airlines open book of  achievements: a chapter that looks into the future while benefiting from its current prosperous records. As a phoenix MEA Training and Conference center rises again.

The project’s idea was launched at the end of the 2008 under the patronage of the Minister of Public Works and Transportation, H.E. Gazi El Aridi who in collaboration with the Lebanese Government of Prime Minister H.E. Fouad El-Siniora, provided all needed support and  facilities to enable the company to achieve this project.

This Dream Project which has the highest international standards, has been implemented in two phases:

The first phase was inaugurated by H.E. Governor of Banque du Liban Mr. Riad Salameh in March 2015. This part consisted of the Pilot Training Division and the section on simulation training.

With the return of security as well as political stability following the election of the President of the Lebanese Republic General Michel Aoun and the formation of the national unity Government headed by H.E. Prime Minister Saad El Hariri, Middle East Airlines Board of Directors decided to complete the second and final phase of the project.

The First of November 2017, the birthdate of Prime Minister Rafic Hariri, marks the birth of Middle East Airlines Training and Conferences Center arising under the patronage of Prime Minister Saad El Hariri.

The Center Specifications:

The project total built-up area is 43,500 sqm, on a plot of 13,755 sqm surface area. The Building consists of:

 * 4 upper floor area of 15,500 sqm area distributed as follows:

- 4,000 sqm for conferences zone
- 11,500 sqm for training zone

* 3 basement levels of 28,000 sqm area distributed as follows:

- 17,000 sqm parking area with a capacity of 300 cars
- 11,000 sqm for electromechanical rooms and warehouses

The Training Center is divided into the following sections:

1. Pilots and Cadets Training division extends extending over an area of 3,000 sqm accommodating 4 simulators bays and includes:

- Airbus A320 Full Flight Simulator
- One A320 and one A330 Flight Training Devices APT
- 20 stations of Computer Based Training
- Training Facility for cadets and Pilots’ license renewal
- Pilots Rest Lounge

2. Cabin Crew Training division extending over an area of 2,600 sqm specialized in safety, security, air hospitality training. It includes:

- One of the latest Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer that simulates different    
  emergency evacuation scenarios including ditching into a swimming pool.
-  Fire Procedure Trainer
- Commercial Service Trainer in a real aircraft mockup.
- An A320 and an A330 Extended Door Training device with visual simulation.

3. Technical Aircraft Maintenance division extending over an area of 650 m2 with the latest Virtual Simulation equipment.

4. Ground and Administrative Crew Training division extending over an area of 1,900 sqm and includes training on business affairs, ground handling, customer service and various administrative functions in addition to training in all Civil Aviation laws and regulations.

5. Library extending over an area of 250 m2 area.

6. Administrative offices extending over an area of 500 m2.

The MEA Training Center shall be open for all Arab and international airlines companies to contribute to Beirut’s pioneering regional role in culture and education.

In addition to the Training Center, the project includes a conference center that consists of: 

1. The Dome, extending over an area of 475 m2  with a maximum height of 19m, functions as an auditorium with 300 people audience capacity, in addition to an entrance and reception hall with a total area of 1,200 m2 .

2. The Olive Garden, adjacent to the “Dome “Auditorium, extending over an open air area of 2,350 m2 open air area that could be used for receptions and special events.

3. Halls:
-  Ballroom extending over an area of 680 m2.
- Multipurpose hall extending over an area of 430 m2 for conferences and lectures.
 - Indoor Reception Hall extending over an area of 600 m2.
- Terrace extending over an area of 250 m2.

The Project also includes various auxiliary services, to note:
- Cafeteria extending over an area of 300 m2.
- Kitchen extending over an area of500 m2.
- Technical Room extending over an area of 1,300 m2.
- Other services extending over an area of 865 m2.

The Conference center shall be open to all economic entities, private and public institutions in Lebanon and abroad.

One of the most remarkable words to describe this center and its role, were  expressed by Mr. Tom Enders President of Airbus Group, during his visit to the training and conference center:

“I didn’t expect to visit in Beirut a center with such modernity,  grandiosity and beautiful architectural design. It is one of the most important training centers I have ever visited worldwide. I am really impressed with the faith that the Lebanese people have in the future of their country and their persistence in overcoming the difficulties and unfortunate circumstances through continuous investments and achievements similar to this edifice we see in front of us.”

This what Middle East Airlines staff family has dreamt of and what the Company’s Board of Directors has  planned and this is what has been born.

For pictures click here 

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