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22 May 2017

Head of Commercial department in Middle East Airlines has made the following statement:

Middle East Airlines competes with more than 40 airlines  in Rafik Hariri International airport. The prices of airline tickets are determined by external forces such as competition and demand and supply on each flight, which also depends on the date of travel and the timing of the flight.


Prices are not determined on cost  basis,  so we cannot compare a flight from Riyadh to Beirut to another flight from Riyadh to Paris. 

For example, due to the increase of capacity on Dubai route, MEA is selling on some flights round trip tickets to and from Dubai at USD 201.- including taxes and surcharges.  Over and above, MEA stresses the fact that due to the increase in competition, its prices have gone down by around 40% in 2016 compared to 2008 as shown in the table below.

kindly click here to view the variation of MEA prices for the different regions.