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About Cedar Miles

About Cedar Miles

Welcome To Cedar Miles

MEA's Frequent Flyer Program
With Cedar Miles, flying with MEA and its SkyTeam partners takes you a step ahead in your travel experience.

Every time you fly with MEA or its partners you collect Miles on your Cedar Miles account, which you can redeem for free tickets on MEA or any other airline partner.

Miles earned on MEA and SkyTeam flights are qualifying miles bringing you closer than ever to the next status tier.

The further you travel, the more Miles you collect and upgrade your membership status from Blue to Silver (Elite), then Gold and Platinum (Elite Plus); unlocking a bouquet of elite benefits available on SkyTeam partners worldwide.

MEA and SkyTeam offer you a global network of more destinations and more frequencies from the biggest hubs in the world.

Unravel all the wonderful advantages of your loyalty to MEA, and
welcome to the club!

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