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Definition of Terminology:

In these Terms and Conditions unless the context otherwise requires:

• The term ''Cedar Miles'' means Middle East Airlines Frequent Flyer Program by which a member earns miles for travel and may redeem these miles for rewards.
• ''Member'' means the person who is a member of MEA Frequent Flyer, whose name is printed on the card.
• ''Benefits'' means the facilities, services or arrangements offered or available to the Member from time to time as per his membership in MEA Frequent Flyer Program.
• ''Card'' means the MEA Frequent Flyer card.
• ''Reward'' means any award as offered by MEA Frequent Flyer and claimed against miles.
• ''Partners'' means those airlines and non-airline companies with which MEA has an agreement for earning and/or redeeming miles.
• '' Transaction'' means a revenue flight activity on MEA or its Cedar Miles airline partners, or a service paid by Cedar Miles members to Cedar Miles non-airline partners.


• Cedar Miles membership is free and open to individuals over the age of 12 years.
• Not allowed to participate are legal entities, associations, staff of airlines, travel agents, tour operators.
• Persons wishing to become Cedar Miles members must complete, legally sign and submit the corresponding application form. In doing so, they indicate their acknowledgment and acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of the Cedar Miles program.
• Cedar Miles reserves the right to refuse membership to persons who would not fulfill the criteria for program participation.
• Only one membership application per person will be accepted. Cedar Miles membership is not transferable.
• Changes of coordinates must be advised in writing. Member must guarantee the correctness of the information given to Cedar Miles.
• Any person whose membership application has been accepted by Cedar Miles shall receive personal Cedar Miles documentation, shall be assigned an individual account, an individual membership number. The membership number will be required for any inquiry concerning the account.

Use of the card:

The card is an agreement between MEA and the person who signed the application form.
• The card is the property of MEA and is to be returned on first demand and upon termination of membership.
• The Cedar Miles membership card is not a credit card.
• Only the Member whose name is on the Cedar Miles membership card may use that card.
• Silver Cedar (SkyTeam Elite) and Golden Cedar (SkyTeam Elite Plus) cards are valid during the period indicated on the card.
• Cards are allocated upon meeting the required ''Qualifying Miles'' or segment count within the same calendar year. The number of qualifying miles is specified on the member 's online account.
• In case of loss or theft of the card, member must notify immediately Cedar Miles in order to supply him/her with a new card. However Cedar Miles cannot be held responsible for any fraudulent use of the card.


• Any breach of the terms and conditions of Cedar Miles whether intentional or otherwise may result in termination, cancellation of reward and/or benefits and/or miles at any time and without prior notice.
• It is a breach of the terms and conditions for any member in the reasonable opinion of MEA to: Abuse of facilities, services, and arrangements as a result of membership in Cedar Miles. Commit any act of fraud to Cedar Miles or MEA partners. Act in a way detrimental to the interest of MEA, or use MEA travel documents fraudulently. Supply misleading information or make misrepresentation to Cedar Miles.
• Membership may be terminated if a member fails to acquire Miles for over a period of 36 months.
• Termination of a member could mean this member could be barred from any future membership.
• Membership terminates automatically upon Member's death.
• Membership is terminated upon member's request in writing with membership card returned cut in half. Member's account will be canceled and miles accumulated lost.
• Membership shall automatically cease in the event of closure of the Cedar Miles program.

Governing laws / Jurisdictions:

• Cedar Miles shall be subject to Lebanese laws and regulations. In case of dispute, the courts of Beirut shall have exclusive competence.
• Laws applicable in certain countries may require Cedar Miles to apply new legal requirements or to modify its program with immediate effect and without prior notice.

General Conditions:

• The mile is the unit of calculation for Cedar Miles program.
• Members acquire a personal account to which miles earned are credited. Neither miles nor accounts are transferable, nor given away nor assigned, nor sold nor combined with the account of any other person, whether or not that person is a member of the program. Miles are not the property of the member.
• Members of the same family and of the same corporation may not accumulate in the same account, unless under special promotions that may be decided by Cedar Miles from time to time at Cedar Miles' own discretion.
• Members earn miles when flying on MEA, Skyteam Partners, and Cedar Miles partner airlines or when performing transactions with Cedar Miles non-airline partners.

• Cedar Miles are valid for 5 years from the accrual date.
i.e. miles earned on April 3rd, 2010 will expire on Dec 31, 2015(N+5).
• Miles cannot be converted into cash. Miles cannot be sold. MEA reserves the right to take legal actions for any illegal handling of a member's account and miles.
• Members must personally check if their miles have been credited to their account. If not members must submit the necessary documents (ticket, boarding pass(es)-originals, identification number) or credit his/her missing flights online within a maximum period of six month from the date of transaction. Corresponding Miles will be credited after validation of the flight info. MEA reserves the right to ask for justification at all times.
• Miles will not be awarded for any flight or partner transactions for which the member obtains benefits from another airline's loyalty program. Miles are not credited for the same transaction in more than one program.
• MEA may debit the account of a member for miles credited wrongly, or credit it with miles during promotional campaigns.
• Cedar Miles has the right at any time to withdraw, cancel, withhold, deny access to and/or change any of the benefits previously advertised.
• Miles are credited to the member's account according to a pre-set scale and subject to the following conditions and restrictions:
o Miles are credited on fares and routes eligible for accumulation of miles for each fully paid and traveled flight. Cedar Miles reserves the right to fully or partly exclude certain fares, routes and passenger categories from the Cedar Miles program upon reasonable prior notice.
o ID/AD, group, IT, child/infant fares, discounted tickets, reward tickets and certain specific booking classes are not eligible for accrual (O,A,W,X,S,G,E - on MEA).
o For a direct flight or one without stopover, members will be credited with the number of miles corresponding to the distance or minimum number of miles between the airports of departure and arrival of the flight, based on the points of origin and destination stated on the ticket or the set number of miles indicated by Cedar Miles documentation. Flights involving connections and change of aircraft or flight number are calculated based on separate sectors.
o Miles are credited based on the class of travel duly paid for the journey. Cedar Miles and its partners define the flights and fares eligible for accumulation of miles and reserve the right to modify them at any time without notice and with immediate effect.
• Miles will not be awarded for tickets or sectors that are unused, expired, lost or returned for monetary compensation.
• Miles are not credited to a member's account when, for reasons beyond the control of the carriers, the flights of any airline associated with Cedar Miles program are cancelled or re-routed on a carrier other than the Cedar Miles airline partners..
• Miles acquired with non-airline partners of Cedar Miles are subject to the conditions defined by each partner and specified in Cedar Miles documentation or in special agreements with other companies. When using the services provided by these partners, member must ascertain the applicable conditions. These conditions may be modified at any time without notice by the aforesaid partners.
• Partners and companies that have signed special agreements bear sole responsibility for the conditions under which they award miles in respect of their services. Cedar Miles and MEA accept no liability as to the actual provision of services by partners. Any claim related to these services must be lodged exclusively with the partners or companies concerned.

Redemption and Reward Tickets:

• Cedar Miles rewards consist of air tickets, upgrade and excess baggage that are exchanged against "Cedar Miles" miles.
• A Cedar Miles member is the only person who can request reward travel in exchange for miles from his/her Cedar Miles account, unless he/she send a signed letter to the Cedar Miles Center, in which he/she names a specific person and request that this privilege be extended to him/her.
• A Cedar Miles member can access his account, book & issue his/her reward ticket or grant it to any beneficiary of his/her choice.
• Redemption charts are available online. MEA reserves the right to modify the redemption chart at any time.
• MEA and its partners reserve the right to make changes to the conditions governing the granting of any reward, in particular the number of miles required, and to cancel any reward offered without notice and with immediate effect.
• Members who have accumulated enough valid miles in their account can request Cedar Miles rewards for themselves or any beneficiary online, or by completing and sending the reward request form to the MEA Call Center.
• Reservation and reward request procedures may be changed at all times.
• Any reward requests involving miles expiring 31 December of a given year must reach MEA at latest 15 December of the same year.
• Reward requests must be signed by the member or his legal guardian.
• After processing reward request: Cedar Miles will debit the amount of miles needed for reward according to the scale enforced date. Miles will be debited on first in first out basis.
• Once the reward ticket has been issued, certain modifications are authorized within the validity of the ticket (routing within same reward zone, travel date); these modifications may be subject to certain change fees. However, once the reward ticket has been issued, in no case will the change of the beneficiary and/or destination / booking class be authorized. For any cancelled flight, a new reservation must be made.
• Rewards are valid for a period of 12 months as of the date of issuance of the reward unless otherwise provided by Cedar Miles.
• Any extra fees such as applicable taxes, duties or airport fees, fuel surcharge are the sole responsibility of the member or the beneficiary of the reward irrespective of his/her identity.
• In one trip on a return reward ticket, one open-jaw shall be permitted.
• Open-jaw means you can return from a different city than the one you arrived at, as long as it is in the same reward zone.
• Rewards are not refundable, nor transferable. They cannot be sold nor exchanged for valuable consideration nor replaced in case of loss, theft or destruction. They are not the property of the member.
• Cedar Miles rewards may be assigned to a beneficiary, provided that the member does not receive anything in return (in terms of money or in other form).
• Beneficiaries entitled to a travel category reduction (child, student, senior citizen) shall not be granted any reduction in the number of miles required for the award of a free ticket
• Reward seats are limited and could be subject to blackout periods. MEA and its partners shall be the sole judges of the capacity available in this context. No claim from passengers will be admissible, even in the case of a flight partly full. In view of the fact that the capacity reserved for program Rewards is limited, members are advised to book their seats as soon as possible, indicating, in addition to their membership number, that the reservation relates to a Cedar Miles reward.
• Cedar Miles rewards cannot be combined with any other means of payment.
• Reward tickets cannot be issued by travel agents.
• No mileage can be earned with reward tickets.
• Members can issue, re-issue tickets  & collect change fees over the phone, by providing credit card number ( Visa, Master,  American express) with its expiry  date.( country of origin must be the country of sale )  in addition to the passport details as they are required to complete the ticketing tasks.
• Free tickets may not be used for medical stretcher transport, accompaniment of children by a hostess or the beneficiary of an extra seat.
• The extra free baggage allowance applies only one-way applicable sectors, not for round trip sectors.
• The one-way upgrade rewards are based on Economy Tickets (fare bought in Y, B, M or K) to upgrade one sector to Cedar Class. One-way upgrade rewards can be transferred to any beneficiary. This reward is valid on MEA point-to-point destinations only - not valid on interline tickets, even if ticket is MEA and ME flight number.
• Legal minors taking part in the program must obtain the signature of their legal guardian prior to each transaction under the program, notably whenever applying for a reward.

Limitation of Liability of Cedar Miles:

• Accrual and redemption of miles are subject to the rules of the Cedar Miles program. Members must be familiar with these rules.
• Each member is responsible for informing any third party or legal entity paying for the tickets or services credited, regarding the miles and advantages obtained with Cedar Miles program.
• Rewards in the form of airline tickets are governed by the General Terms and Conditions of Carriage in force at the time. MEA and its airline partners accept no liability for damage or injury caused while using a Reward, with the exception of damage or injury incurred during transport for which carrier's liability is defined in the Warsaw convention. MEA and Cedar Miles accept no liability for any damage or injury caused by the provision of services by partners.
• Cedar Miles reserves the right to modify this program at any time without notice (rules, membership conditions, whole or part of miles acquired at any time, the term of the validity of miles, conditions governing granting of miles and rewards, reward charts).
• MEA may enlarge its program by taking on more partners. Members will be notified accordingly.
• The member bears sole responsibility for the use of a reward whether by the member or a third party.
• Any use of a Cedar Miles partner reward shall be subject to the conditions laid down by the partner concerned.
• Cedar Miles reserves the right to cancel the participation of any partner in this program, giving notice of one month to members.
• In the event of the cancellation of the participation of any partner in the Cedar Miles program, rewards may still be used until the expiry of their validity.
• Cedar Miles reserves the right to cancel its program giving a two months notice to all members in which case rewards issued before the cancellation date may still be used until expiry of their validity. MEA will not accept any new reward requests after the announced cancellation date.
• If a reward is refused without valid reason, the liability of Cedar Miles and of any partner shall be limited to the value of the reward concerned. Any compensation shall take the exclusive form of a reward of equivalent value.
• Laws applicable in certain countries may impose restrictions on the conditions governing implementation and/or membership of the Cedar Miles program. In order to comply with such laws, Cedar Miles shall be entitled to apply the new legal requirements or to modify its program in consequence, with immediate effect and without prior notice.

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